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1. Introduction

2. Rights Scorecard

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4. Separation of Powers

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Part 2
Federal Government and the War On Terror: How is our government waging the War on Terror?

Lesson 6
Visual Commentary on The War on Terror
Application (Differentiated)

Differentiation: This lesson will take advantage of student differentiation by offering students two levels of cartoons and photographs to analyze. The top row of images has more evident meanings than the bottom row.

Class Time Required: 45 minutes.

Purpose, Background and Context: Students will look at 4 pictures that relate to the War on Terror, and comment on what they think is appropriate.

Objectives for Student Understandings: Students should understand some of the government’s strategies in the War on Terror.

Objectives for Student Skill Development: Students should assess contrasting theories, generalize from given facts, predict and draw conclusions based on partial information, and verify the value of evidence.

Materials, Resources and Readings: Worksheets from the National Archives for Cartoons and Photographs
Lesson 6A worksheet (which contains cartoons and pictures – see end of lesson for worksheet)

Lesson Questions:           
What should the government do to find terrorists in America?

Procedure (30 Minutes)
Ask each student, as they enter the classroom, if they want a cartoon analysis worksheet or a photographic analysis worksheet. Assign your high ability students to make sense of their choice of a bottom image, and your grade-level ability students to make sense of the top images. When they take their seats, place a transparency of the Lesson 6A worksheet on the overhead. Then, ask them to analyze either the cartoon or the photograph. When they have finished the worksheet, go around the room, spending only a few minutes on each image. Ask them to comment on their chosen image and reflect on the Lesson Question. Collect worksheets and give students 5 points to conclude the assignment.

Lesson 6A: Patriot Act and 9/11 Images


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