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1. Introduction

2. Rights Scorecard

3. Amendment Comics

4. Separation of Powers

5. Vocabulary Assessment

6. Graphic Images

7. Search and Seizure

8. A Debate on Cruel and Unusual Punishment

9. Due Process

10. Project



Lesson 5: Vocabulary Check for Understanding
Evaluation and Synthesis

Class Time Required: half of a 45 minute period.

Purpose, Background and Context: Students will use their notes and the previous 4 lessons to affirm their understanding of the vocabulary words.

Objectives for Student Understandings: Students should understand the vocabulary words relevant to the Constitution and the federal government.

Objectives for Student Skill Development: Students should have developed an increased vocabulary, translate facts that are read into other methods of information delivery, and predict and draw conclusions based on partial information.

Materials, Resources and Readings: Work for this lesson will be done on the board.

Lesson Questions:           
What words do you need to know in order to learn about the government?

Procedure (22 Minutes)
Write all 10 vocabulary words on the board. Ask them to write down examples of the word on a separate piece of paper. Collect and evaluate. For extra credit, have them list other words that they have learned in these lessons and want to include in future vocabulary lists.


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