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1. Global Warming

2. Air Quality

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Additional Resources and Optional Extensions:

The DVD, An Inconvenient Truth (AIT) is a 100-minute documentary by former Vice President Al Gore. AIT aims to expose the myths and misconceptions that surround global warming.  Gore’s intent is to convey the alarming rapid rate at which rising temperatures are changing the face of the Earth.  

Al Gore’s book, An Inconvenient Truth:  The Crisis of Global Warming, provides students with an action list of suggested activities to learn how to make a difference.  Teachers and students can link to the book’s website and find a list of activities at 

Also at teachers can find three free lessons aligned with curriculum standards.  The lesson plans are contained in downloadable pdf files.  In the first lesson, the students will critically discuss the global warming issue.  They will also investigate the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. (This is most effective when students have already seen the DVD).  In the second lesson, the students will locate the primary source documents and analyze them for bias.  They will also make informed decisions involving science and society.  They may also prepare presentations with support materials (e.g., tables, graphs, power point, or other productions).  Lesson three, is semester based and project oriented.  This lesson will conclude with the students brainstorming a list of problems associated with global warming, identifying which is most important, brainstorming solutions, and then implementing those solutions.

The web site: is the official social action network for the Alliance for Climate Protection and is partnered with Al Gore’s Live Earth concert series for climate change.  Here students may join in with others from around the world and blog on the issues of global warming and the environment.  The web site: is another site tied to AIT that allows visitors to post comments in response to the DVD and the issues tied to it.

The website offers additional global warming lesson plans. Through these lessons, students will: form definitions of greenhouse effect, participate in group brainstorming, analyze global warming diagrams and resources, hypothesize about the effects of global warming on climate, conduct research, complete a venn diagram, take a position on global warming, and create a project that supports their point of view about the global warming issues.  The needed materials are all provided on the website, along with extension ideas and related resources. 



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