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Unit Introduction

1. Global Warming

2. Air Quality

3. Post Assessment

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Post-Assessment: Unit Quiz

1.  Create a concept map on the cause and effect of pollution similar to the one below:

concept map

2.  Use the process diagram below to explain the greenhouse effect:

process diagram

Unit Project

Students are to complete either A, B, or C.

Imagine that successful efforts in sustainable development have made global resource use and waste production fully sustainable by the year 2099. Develop a project that shows your knowledge of what a sustainable world might look like in 2099.  Include information about resource use, waste production, pollution, biodiversity, and conservation. 

An ecological footprint is a measure of the impact of the resources we use on the environment. Develop a project that shows your knowledge of how buying a carton of milk relates to your ecological footprint. 

Develop a project that shows your knowledge of how a predator insect species that has been introduced to help control insect pests, could become a threat to an ecosystem.

Note to teachers:  These last three questions lend themselves to all sorts of options for ways students could demonstrate their knowledge. Students could create projects in written form, use the visual arts, or develop performance art pieces.  I would not limit students to a certain learning style, but instead would allow them to be creative. Consider a one on one contract with expectations of how they’d like to develop their project.


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