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Differentiated Activity #2

Halfway through the book, the students shall create an “I Am” poem about a character in the text (see "I Am" poem instructions below). This type of poem is a perfect example of a Differentiated Instruction activity as it is written with certain characteristics which allows the learner to freely express their feelings. It is also a higher order thinking skill and allows the learner to be creative as one’s wishes. Each “I AM” poem is unique, no one’s is identical, thus allowing for the student’s learning style, comfort level and interest to be piqued.

The students then write their own “I AM” poem about themselves.  Note: students will be given the option to staple their creation upon the bulletin board. Each poem may be worth 25 points. The objectives this activity covers is sharing their understanding of a novel through a written analysis and/or individual projects.

“I AM” poem instructions

1. Define the word “attribute” with the class.

2. Discuss the differences between “attribute” and “adjective.”

3. Brainstorm a list of attributes.

4. On the overhead, have a copy of the “I AM” poem. Inform them they are going to be creating a poem about Attributes.

5. Select one of the characters from They Cage the Animals at Night.  Write the “I AM” poem about that character.  (Remind the students the “I AM” statements should be identical throughout.)

6. After completing the poem together, pass out two copies of the poem to the students.

7. The first poem they will create is one where they select any character within the book. It does not have to be a major character.

8. The second poem will be written about themselves. Make sure to stress to the class to truly reflect how this poem represents themselves and the character.

9. Both of the selections can be displayed if students prefer or kept within their journals, folders or notebooks.

 “I AM”  Poem

I am
I wonder
I hear
I see
I want


I am
I pretend
I feel
I touch
I worry
I cry


I am
I understand
I say
I dream
I try
I hope
I am



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