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Unit Introduction

1. Preassessment

2. Introductory Activities

3. Differentiated Activity #1

4. Large Group Instruction

5. Small group/ individual activities

6. Differentiated Activity #2

7. Final Assessment

8. Chapter Questions


Small group/individual activities

Small group discussions will occur as the teacher determines. The gifted students shall be part of a homogeneous group where they will have dialogue about the chapters.  Divide the remaining students into groups as deemed necessary with their reading abilities allowing ample time for discussion.

The dialogue will be based upon the above stated “Know”, “Understandings”, “Do”,  and “Skills” (KUDOS).

An individual activity shall be:
A character wheel will also be assigned.  The student will select a major or minor character.  On each of the eight spokes, they will write a characteristic/adjective describing that particular character.  They will then cite specific examples the text supporting that attribute.

character wheel 


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