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Unit Introduction

1. Preassessment

2. Introductory Activities

3. Differentiated Activity #1

4. Large Group Instruction

5. Small group/ individual activities

6. Differentiated Activity #2

7. Final Assessment

8. Chapter Questions


Large Group Instruction

Large group discussions upon chapters shall occur.  The discussions will be determined by the teacher and shall be divided into several chapters to give the students time to read them. 

Comprehension and evaluation questions will be incorporated within the group.  This gives the learners higher order thinking skills and reflection upon how they feel about the readings.  It also grants the students time to hear what their peers feel about the plot, characters and their own experiences.  Each individual is given opportunities to speak without having one or two students monopolize the discussion(s).   

Note: the students have chapter questions they will also be required to  answer ranging from comprehension to analytical, which may be adapted into the discussion. 

A second large group activity would be to have students request a person from Social Services speak about foster care and child abuse within the community and state.   They could prepare questions they would like answered and mail them to the person.  When the speaker arrives, a class representative could introduce them.  Students may also possess other questions they would like to ask after the speaker is finished.  The students could critique the information given as a whole/small group discussion.  They could also reflect in their “T journals”.  Thank you letters should be a follow up activity. 


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