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Unit Introduction

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The first preassessment I will be implementing is a reading survey their reading habits, whether they do read, what they prefer to read and if they believe they are a good reader.  They must also compose their own goal for the class.  This data supplies information about each learner’s confidence in his or her own reading strengths/ weaknesses.  As a whole class an informal assessment will be to orally question their prior knowledge of historical events in the 1950’s and 1960’s , how much information they are aware of about the foster care system and orphanages in these two era’s.  (I will casually acknowledge the information they make on a notepad during the dialogue.)  Gifted students may readily have more experience where the data collected will define future discussion discussions, assignments and menu choices. 

Preassessment questions:

1. Who could tell me what historical events were occurring in the United States in the 1950’s?

2. How did these events affect the country?

3. What was the socio-economic level?

4. How about the 1960’s? This era had a vast amount of history which occurred?  What do you recall from history class, your parents, or from anything you read about the ‘60’s?

5. Has anyone you know been in an orphanage?  Do we still have orphanages in the U.S. today? How have orphanages been in the news lately?

6. How many of you have dealt with foster care? Was the situation an ideal one?  Why or why not? 

7. Do orphanages and foster care have negative connotations? (Explain their answers.)



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