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Unit Introduction

I. Introductory Activities

2. MLA & APA Activities

3. Preliminary Research Steps

4. Working Bibliography

5. Intro to Primary Sources

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Introduction to Primary Sources

Student Worksheet
Classroom activity

2-3 hours

1. Log on to

2. Use your own words to explain what a primary source is.



3. Explain how to find primary sources.



4. What are Domain names and what do they mean?  List them.



5. Before using a source for your research, what should you consider?



6. Explore the links on this website and see what else you can learn about primary sources.



Use the rest of the time to see if you can find any primary sources for your paper. Add something to your working bibliography. Don’t forget to check for information on Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird as well as your topic.

This worksheet will be checked for completion, and you may use it for our class discussion.

American Library Association Committee, (2003, October15). Using primary sources on
the web. Retrieved June 2, 2007, from University of Washington, Reference & User Services, History Section Web Site:


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