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Unit Introduction

I. Introductory Activities

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Preliminary Research to Build a Thesis and a Working Bibliography

Student Handout
DI Activity 2

2 hours

The purpose of this activity is to let students see if their topic is viable and to check to make sure that they have the skills necessary to find the information.  The teacher should monitor and give help as needed.    They should use the topic from their prewriting activity and start narrowing it or expanding it as they find information.  It is not uncommon for a student to change topics at this stage because new ideas come as the student looks at information.  A student may begin to take notes at this time, but it is more important to start a working bibliography.  More focused note taking needs to take place when the student has decided on a project. 

Differentiation takes place in this activity in steps.  A teacher may require a student of limited ability to only take steps one or two. Most students will easily achieve through step four, and gifted students should be required to continue through step six where they can explore academic periodicals and college level research.  I would allow all students to try any step they are able to achieve.  If they find information that is over their head, they should move on.  Monitor for frustration as well as for appropriate challenge.  

Objective: Use a variety of print and electronic sources to gather information.

steps activity

Steps 1 – 4 are required.  Steps 5 and 6 will take your research to the next level.  See your teacher for passwords.

Don’t worry about taking too many notes at this stage.  Just make sure you can find information about your topic.  Look for one focus you might want to concentrate on as you prepare your project.  Be open to new ideas.  Look at the questions you wrote for the free writing activity.  Are you finding any answers?  You may write down new questions.

Make sure you use the MLA or APA guide to list any good sources you might use on your working bibliography.  Also refer to the classroom bulletin board.  

Describe the information you found and what your project will be about.


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