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Unit Introduction

I. Introductory Activities

2. MLA & APA Activities

3. Preliminary Research Steps

4. Working Bibliography

5. Intro to Primary Sources

6. DI Final Project

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Get Those Handbooks Ready!

Use Correct MLA and APA Documentation!

Tic-Tac-Toe Student Choice Worksheet
DI Activity 1

3 hours

Students should choose to complete three activities.  Teacher guidance is needed to assure proper differentiation.  Explain to students that column one is on MLA, column two is on APA, and column three is on both.  Students need the teacher’s permission to choose three in column one or two, so this can be reserved for students who may have trouble comprehending two systems.  Gifted students should be guided to include choices in the middle row or the third column because these activities use higher-level skills. Column one tends to be more creative, two concentrates on writing, and column three uses comparison and contrasting skills.  Students will tend to choose what fits their own interests and skills, but teacher approval is needed.  College bound students will need to know how to evaluate appropriate documentation styles according to subject matter, and all students need to know about documentation for this unit project. Partner or group work may also be approved by the teacher.

Objective: Use standard format in documenting sources.

1. Bulletin / Poster
Create a bulletin board or poster showing the uses proper bibliographic form in MLA documentation

2. Speech
Write and give a short speech about how APA documentation is used.

3. Power Point
Show in text citations for
both MLA and APA
documentation styles  in a Power Point presentation.  Explain the uses of each.

4. Ad Campaign 
Be a Madison Avenue executive. Come up with an ad campaign for a new MLA guidebook.  Identify your target market and your products selling points.  Binder or poster presentation is required to your boss (teacher).

5. Sample Research Paper
Write a short sample research paper (one page) using the Grimm’s fairy tales as a source.  For example the “The social implications of Cinderella losing her slipper.”  Use APA documentation.


6. Persuasive Presentation
Study both MLA and APA styles and decide which one is more efficient in your opinion.  Present and defend your position to the class.


7. Game
Design a matching game for the class to play using pieces of MLA documentation.  This could be a puzzle or a memory game.


8. Student Choice!
Student Choice! You decide how you will demonstrate your knowledge of APA. Must be approved by teachers!

9. Song, poem, or rap
Write and perform a song, poem, or rap about the differences and uses of APA and MLA.  This could be a “Grammar Rock” type commercial for documentation.

I/we chose activities #______, #______, #_______.
Name(s) ________________________________________________________________
Date _____________________                     Due Date _________________________

Assessment Rubric

This should be given to students when they make their choices.
Row 2 and Column 3 have extra points possible.
Students will be graded on a 100/100 scale with points over 100 as extra credit.

1. Bulletin / Poster

Includes important information 20pts

Helpful as a reference to the class 10pts

Total _______

2. Speech

Presentation 10pts

Accurate and complete information 20pts

Total _______

3. Power Point

Presentation techniques 5pts

Correct info about MLA and APA 20pts

Uses for each 10pts

Total _______

4. Ad Campaign  

Complete and correct information 20pts

Creative / Original 5pts

Presentation 10pts

Total _______

5. Sample Research Paper

Correct documentation 20pts

Creative / Original 5pts

Mechanics and writing structure 10pts

Total _______

6. Persuasive Presentation

Argument defense 10pts

Presentation/Logic 10pts

Understanding of styles 20pts

Total _______


7. Game

Playability/ Rules 10pts

Correct / Educational

Total _______


8. Student Choice!
(teacher/student agreement)

Correctness 10pts

Clear and functional 10pts

Achieves objective 10pts

Total _______

9. Song, poem, or rap.

Creative/clear 5tps

Correct information 20pts

Memorable/Educational 10pts

Total _______


Points for activities      #______, #______, #_______. 

Name(s) ________________________________________________________________

Total points ___________________

Source for Tic-Tac-Toe activity…
Adapted from
Coil, Carolyn (2004). Standards-based activities and assessments for the differentiated classroom. USA: Pieces of Learning.



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